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Insight into color prints

How to print color prints is an important factor in measuring product quality. Therefore, the correct grasp of color printing products, printing technology, the good operation is to improve the quality of products is an effective guarantee.

We know that the printed matter printed on the printed matter, to make print layout thick ink, bright, visual effects to obtain satisfactory requirements, transfer ink and printing links with the organic, is very important, but the specific circumstances should be dealt with according to different conditions. Such as when the printed paper surface is smooth, poor ink absorption, the background printing ink layer to be thinner, in order to avoid overlay when the color occurs sticky. In addition, the background color appropriate thin, color printing effect is good, and is conducive to the printing ink layer drying.

For the rough surface, the amount of ink to absorb the larger amount of offset paper products, the amount of ink will be appropriate to thicken some, in order to obtain a flat clothing thick gloss to lay the foundation. In the printing overlay overlay plate, the ink layer will be thinner than the background, the deployment of ink color than the original color is slightly lighter, because the background is basically close to the original color, overprint is not dodge, the printed matter will be deep as it is. In order to ensure the normal color and to prevent the ink is not easy to dry the impression of the end of the bad effect of printing, printing background and color version, should be the size of the screen according to the amount of ink, add appropriate amount of dry oil to ensure the quality of printing.

General white dry oil and the amount of: resin ink 2% -5%, oily ink 3% -10%; red dry oil is about 2%. As the drying oil on the impact of ink, so light-colored ink and more use white dry oil, and red dry oil is used for red and dark ink, so as not to bias the ink hue.

If the red or yellow version of the background overprint, and gold on the background, then the plate in addition to the blank part, you can do a live version, printed transparent yellow or light light agent to increase the local version of the gloss. In order to ensure the quality of overprint to prevent the imprint at the end, in addition to the gold version and the use of white ink dilution agent on the basis of the superposition of black, the general can be printed in black and then printed on a large area of ​​the background layout, The ink layer is rubbed on the machine. In addition, in order to ensure the accuracy of overprint, in the background needle position (ie, the rules) to determine the set of color sets to adjust the overprint position, can only adjust the location of the plate and can not adjust the front and side regulations, The edge of the naked eye can not see the "water wave" is not flat phenomenon, affecting the stability and accuracy of overprint.

On the yin and yang overlay pattern, which can be an appropriate version of the expansion to overcome the defects due to machine defects and environmental temperature and humidity changes caused by changes in the printing material caused by overprint is not allowed, resulting in the layout of the white, affecting product quality.

In addition, pay attention to adjust the printing pressure. Excessive pressure will also make the printed material deformation, resulting in overprint is not allowed. In addition, the lining thickness should also be standardized, the thickness is too large or too small will make the printing layout aliasing, causing overprint is not allowed.

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