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Terminology Explanation in Design Work Knowledge

Design (design) refers to the art director and graphic designer how to choose and configure an advertising element of art. Designers choose specific art elements and combine them in their unique way to set the style of the design - that is, the way an idea or image is expressed.

The design of the woodland highlights the message through an open feeling. First of all, the size of the photographer to seize the attention of people, the text of the text so easy and pleasant advertising, copy the text filled with blank, giving a clean, easy to read the feeling. Although the use of a variety of different elements of advertising, these gaps have been between the elements can maintain harmony and balance.

Design under the guidance of art, several artists make the initial composition of the concept of advertising, and then with the copy, with their own graphic design expertise (including photography, layout and drawing), to create the most effective advertising or manual The

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