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The use of modern album logo design

The role of non-commercial signs is:

1. National signs: national flag, national emblem are the symbol of the country, from the unity of people, guide people, call on people's role. Their image generally represents a country's specific history, beliefs, pursuits, nature, customs, geography, and so on. In general, the flag image is more concise, the national emblem is more complex.

Flag of the United Kingdom (religion), Greece (faith), China (faith and people), Canada (custom), New Zealand (attribute and location).

National Emblem - China (Nature), Hungarian (Religion and Geography), Greece (Religion and Pursuit).

2. life signs: that the location of a place, something easy to use, something to pay attention to things (such as "hotel inquiries, restaurants, cafes, toilets, arrows, are not allowed to smoke, not allowed to take pictures" The

1) Distinguish service areas: such as the European subway yellow, red, blue, green lines that different service areas. 2) put forward a variety of warning: not allowed to turn left, are not allowed to stop, not allowed to overtake, not allowed to speed and so on. 3) indicate the direction of traffic: where to go, into which channels or junctions and so on.

3. Sports signs: to promote the spirit of sports, that the type of sports, project, venue, time and so on.

4. Institutional logo: play to organize people, unite people, guide people, call people, help people, the role of people.

International Organization - United Nations, Red Cross, United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization, World Trade Organization, World Health Organization, IOC, World Women. Regional organizations - the EU, NATO, ASEAN, the Arab League and so on.

5. Book, newspaper, magazine logo: different books and newspapers, the performance of their own nature, purpose, characteristics and so on.

6. School logo: different schools, the performance of the school's purpose.

7. Exhibition logo: publicity exhibition content, indicating the type of exhibition, time, place and so on.

8. Conference, event logo: dissemination of the meeting pieces, indicating the type of meeting, time, place and so on.

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