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Business album printing design to pay attention to what

First, the album design elements

1. Concept elements, the so-called concept elements are those who do not actually exist, not visible, but people's consciousness can feel things. For example, we see the sharp corners of the graphics, feel a little above the outline of the object edge line. Concept elements include: points, lines, faces.
2. Visual elements: concept elements are not reflected in the actual design, it will be meaningless. Concept elements are usually embodied by visual elements, including the size of the graphic, shape, color and so on.
3. Relationship elements: visual elements in the screen how to organize, arrange, is determined by the relationship elements. Including: direction, location, space, center of gravity and so on.
4. Practical elements: refers to the design of the expression of the meaning, content, design purposes and functions.

Second, the album design midpoint, line, surface composition

The image is an external feature of the object that is visible. The image includes the various parts of the visual element, and all the conceptual elements such as points, lines, and faces have their own images when they are found in the picture.

The basic shape of the graphic design: In the graphic design, a group of the same or similar image composition, each of its constituent units become basic shape, the basic shape is a minimum unit, use it according to certain composition principle, combination, can get the most Good composition effect packaging design.

1. Formation: In the composition, due to the basic combination, resulting in a combination of shape and shape, this relationship are:
2. separation: shape and shape between the non-contact, there is a certain distance.
3. contact: shape and shape between the edge just tangent.
4. Cascade: between the shape and shape is a complex relationship between the resulting up and down around the space relationship.
5. Transparency: shape and shape between the transparency of the overlap, but does not produce the relationship between the upper and lower space.
6. Combination: shape and shape between each other into a larger new shape.
7. cut off: shape and shape between the coverage, cover the place was cut off.
8. The difference between the shape and shape overlap with each other, overlapping place to produce a new shape.

Third, the album design of the gradient and repeat


The gradient is an effect that I often hear, and I can experience it in nature. We will feel the trees from near to far, from big to small.

The type of gradient:

1. Gradient of shape: a basic shape gradient to another basic shape, the basic shape can be from the complete gradient to incomplete, but also from simple to complex, from the gradual gradient to the concrete.
2. Directional gradient: the basic shape can be on the plane for the direction of the gradient.
3. Position of the gradient: the basic shape of the use of position when the skeleton, because the basic shape for the position gradient, beyond the part of the skeleton will be cut off.
4. Size of the gradient: the basic shape from large to small gradient arrangement, will produce depth and depth and space sense.
5. Color gradient: in color, hue, brightness, purity can be a gradual effect, and will have a sense of layering beauty.
6. Bone Gradient: refers to the regular changes in bone, so that the basic shape in the shape, size, direction to change. Divide the lines of the grid can be horizontal, vertical, diagonal, polyline, curve and so on a total bone gradient. Gradient bones are carefully arranged, will produce special visual effects, and sometimes have a false impression and a sense of movement.


Repeated general concept refers to the same design, the same image appeared more than twice, repeat is the design of the more commonly used techniques to enhance the impression, giving a regular sense of rhythm, so that the screen unity. The same is true in the repetitive configuration, and the shape, color, and size are the same. The basic form of repetition: the shape used to repeat is called the basic form, each of the basic form as a unit, and then repeated design, the basic shape should not be complicated, mainly simple.

Duplicate type:

1. Basic form of repetition: in the composition of the design using the same basic form of the composition of the basic shape of the repetition, this repetition in daily life everywhere. For example: a window on a tall building.
2. The repetition of the bone: If the shape and area of each unit of the bone are exactly the same, this is a repetitive bone, the repeated bone is a kind of regular bone, the simplest one.
3. The shape of the repeat: the shape is the most commonly used repeat elements, in the composition of the repeated shape can be in size, color and other aspects of change.
4. Size repeat: similar or the same shape, repeat in size.
5. Color repeat: in the same color conditions, shape, size can be changed.
6. Texture of repetition: in the same texture under the conditions, size, color can be changed.
7. Direction of the repeat: shape in the composition has a clear direction of the same.
9. coincidence: shape and shape between each other, into one.

Fourth, the album design approximation and bone grid


Approximation refers to the shape, size, color, texture and other aspects of a common feature, it shows the unity in the show a vivid change in the effect. The degree of approximation may vary, and if the degree of approximation is large, a sense of repetition occurs. A small degree of similarity will destroy unity.

Approximate classification:

1. The shape of the approximation: the two images if the same family, their shape is similar, as the same as the human image.
2. bone grid approximation: bone can not be repeated but similar, that is, the shape of bone cells, the size of a certain change, is similar.

Note: The difference between the approximation and the gradient, the change of the gradient is very regular, the basic shape is very strict arrangement, and the approximate regularity of change is not strong, basic and other visual elements of the larger changes, but also more lively.


The skeleton determines the basic shape in the composition of each other. Sometimes, the skeleton has become part of the image, the different changes in the grid will make the overall composition changes.

Bone is divided into:

1. Regular bone grid: regular bone grid has precise rigorous bone grid line, a regular digital relationship, the basic shape in accordance with the bone grid arrangement, a strong sense of order. Mainly repeat, gradient, launch and other skeletons.
2. irregular skeleton: non-regular bone grid is generally not rigorous bone grid lines, constitute a relatively free way.
3. Role of the skeleton: the role of bone is to make the basic shape of each other into the boundaries of their respective units, the grid to the image of the exact space, the basic shape in the bone unit can freely change the location, direction, positive and negative, and even out of bone grid line.
4. Non-acting bones: non-acting bones are conceptual, non-acting bony lines contribute to the basic arrangement of the organization, but will not affect their shape, nor will the space is divided into relatively independent bone cells.
5. Repetitive skeleton: refers to the space grid division of the spatial unit in shape, size is exactly the same, it is the most regular bone grid, the basic shape of the arrangement by the continuity of the grid.

The graphic design is a combination of different basic graphics, according to certain rules in the plane pattern. Mainly within the scope of the second space within the contour line to divide the boundaries between the map and describe the image. The graphic design of the three-dimensional sense of space, not the real three-dimensional space, but only the visual impact of the visual role of the formation of the illusion of space.

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