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What are the ways in which the box is printed?

1: letterpress printing
Where the printed graphic is higher than the blank part, and in the graphic around the application of ink, through the role of pressure, so that graphic prints printed on the printed surface of the printing method, known as letterpress printing.
2: lithographic printing (offset printing)
Now used to offset printing is called lithography, printing plate and the blank part of the same plane, through the principle of oil and water separation, so that the final transfer to the printed material surface.
3: gravure printing
Gravure and letterpress printing on the contrary, the graphic part of the concave, while the blank part still maintain the original plane. The graphic portion receives the ink layer, and after the pressure of the printing drum, the ink layer is transferred to the surface of the printed matter, and the printed matter is copied.
4: Filtration printing
Screen printing is a typical version of the filter printing. Ink from the fabric of the mesh (graphic) infiltration, in the substrate surface copied into graphic.
In addition to the above four printing methods, according to the development of the times, we have developed two new printing methods of flexographic printing and special printing.
5: flexographic printing (a letterpress printing)
Flexible version at the beginning, due to the use of aniline dye made of volatile liquid color ink and named aniline printing, the use of rubber plate version. But with the development of science and technology, plates and ink have a great change, aniline printing will become today's flexible printing.
6: special printing
According to different printing materials and technology, special printing can be divided into: gold, silver printing; Dian Hualv hot stamping; embossed embossing; die cutting indentation; metal printing; sticker printing; polishing paste; three-dimensional printing; Bubble printing; inkjet printing; holographic printing and so on.

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