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Self-adhesive label anti-counterfeiting applications

Self-adhesive label structure, according to its own characteristics, for some special printing, play a certain anti-counterfeiting effect.
1. The back of the label is printed. Self-adhesive labels on the back of the printing, is stickers in the printing of new technology, but also a special process. It refers to the printing method in the adhesive material on the surface of the adhesive printed on the ink or paint. Through the adhesive surface printing a small amount of text or pattern, making it a double-sided label. When affixed to a transparent bottle with transparent liquid or glass, through the transparent bottle or glass can not help but see the label printed on the back of the text. In this way, a label on the positive and negative can be played a different publicity role, both to save the label materials and costs, but also make the goods have a special decoration effect. As the double-sided label structure has a special, so you can play a certain role in security. Of course, in the back of printing some micro-text, or do some secret mind, you can achieve a professional anti-counterfeiting effect.
2. Anti-counterfeit labels and two-way and reverse printing. Two-way label with the adhesive on the adhesive printed on the formation of double-sided label is different, it refers to the transparent film on a number of printing, so that the appearance of double-sided label. Reverse label is a special case of two-way label, that is printed on the film after the reverse graphic, only printed on white or composite white paper is no longer printed after the second layer of the text. Due to its own printing of the particularity, so that it has a certain anti-counterfeiting effect.
3. Adhesive security. Our knowledge, whether it is the manufacture of corrugated boxes, or composite film processing, packaging box sealing, stickers production, trademark paste, are inseparable from the paste technology. Obviously you can use adhesive technology to achieve a certain anti-counterfeiting effect. However, there is no direct use of the example, so this article is only on the adhesive label for some discussion.
Almost all of the packaging are affixed with the corresponding label, the label on the label, there are some in the packaging when there is no damage to the packaging, there are some labels in the peel off the label itself is destroyed, but also destroyed the bonding package of. Obviously the latter case achieved the purpose of packaging damage. Old packaging can not be complicated to counterfeit, also reached the purpose of destructive security packaging.
The packaging of the jar is usually a label adhesive cover, if you can correctly use the adhesive label adhesive, you can ensure that the box when the label and the box at the same time damage. In general, the paper label and the paper box is easier to achieve when the box is destroyed at the same time the purpose. Because the homogeneous material is easy to be bonded firmly, and the adhesive is also easy to select. Different materials between the sticky box is more difficult, one is not easy to find the right adhesive; Second, the bonding strength is not high enough, that is not strong bond. At present, all the jars of the surface material are mostly plastic film, so the label of the jar is also used plastic film as well, and is the best type of plastic film. In the design, we should pay attention to two points: is a wine box surface material and the inner layer of material between the adhesive strength is lower than the adhesive strength of the label; Second, the label tear strength is higher than the wine box surface material Of the tear strength, the purpose is to easily break the box in the open box.
4. Disruptive security of labels. It is in the consumer access to goods, the label destroyed, so that the old label can not be used again, so as to achieve the purpose of security, in order to achieve this goal, you have to consider the location of the label is always.
(1) tear label security: label destructive security of an example, the bottle seal before the first affixed to the label, the location of the label slightly on, and then cover the cover, sealing. When the bottle is opened, the label is destroyed by the friction and tear of the broken torsion cover, the label can not be used, to achieve the purpose of security.
(2) seal label security: the label to seal the way to use, with destructive security features. For example, each pack of cigarettes have a cigarette on the cigarette, smoking first (must also) will be slaughtered, so there is no smoke to be re-use of the problem. Place the label on the bottle and cap. When the bottle is opened the label is destroyed, can not be used again, with destructive anti-Su function.
(3) stickers as a printing material, as long as the material permit, you can put a variety of anti-counterfeiting technology applied to it. Such as bar code security, telephone security, laser security, holographic security, the main security, composite printing, multi-color printing security waiting, such as composite printing security.
(4) the same machine, according to the needs of the process can be any combination into several composite printing process, such as silk screen plus flexo, silk screen plus gravure, flexo and bronzing. For example, in a label on the field part of the use of silk screen, to avoid the surface of the white spots and uneven ink, and the screen part of the graphic version of the flexo printing network printing, improve clarity. Through the composite printing label three-dimensional sense of strong, structured, not only good quality, and let the counterfeiters do not know the specific printing process, which play a security effect.
(5) in the adhesive material on a variety of anti-counterfeiting technology for printing can achieve the purpose of security, and anti-counterfeiting adhesive materials and self-adhesive label function to increase the anti-counterfeiting capabilities. At present, there are the following: easy shredding adhesive materials, fragile film stickers, slip film anti-counterfeiting film adhesive materials, composite fabric stickers, security security stickers, safety label materials, No fluorescent, paper fluorescent paper stickers.
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