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A Brief Introduction to the Process Flow of Box Printing

The production process of color box printing is divided into: carton structure design, drawing print profile, decoration design, plate (out of film / drying network), printing, surface treatment (polishing, calendering / polishing, , Mounted pit, die-cutting (ie beer box), Nien box (folding, nailing), the appearance of inspection, packaging.
In addition, the box printing parallel to the work carried out: drawing back to the processing chart, carved backing version; drawing die cutting layout, sawing die cutting, clamping knife, cutter, die-cutting plate.
Main equipment: network room, printing machine, oil machine / grinding machine, (automatic mounted Hang machine), die-cutting machine, (automatic Nien box / nailing machine), which is a greater impact on the price of printing presses (equipment share the expense).
Process highlights:
1, out of the film: color production, each color out of a.
2, printing: including India / offset, gravure, embossing / flexo, screen printing, the general use of sheet lithography, according to the design requirements of monochrome, two-color, three-color, four-color and multi-color.
3, surface treatment:
A. Glazing: refers to the surface of the print or spray, printed on a layer of colorless transparent paint, by leveling, dry calendering in the printed surface after the formation of thin and uniform transparent bright layer, increase the surface gloss and three-dimensional, make it more Exquisite beauty and effective protection of printed graphic. Commonly used coatings are waterborne varnish, solvent glazing, UV glazingOil and so on.
B. Calendering / polishing: refers to the printed surface of a layer of polished oil, and then through the high temperature plate calendering. Polished products to use dry paper rack, until the product is completely cooled before use.
C. Film: in the printed material applied a layer of PVA film, improve the surface gloss, so that color solid. The disadvantage is that paper can not be recycled, easy to cause white pollution.
4, mounted Hang: mounted with core paper and paper.
5, die-cutting (that is, beer box): die with die-cutting indentation and carton molding.
6, Nail box: wireless glue or nail.
7, quality control inspection - delivery.

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