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Color printing process needs to focus on the two points

With the continuous improvement of China's economic level and the tertiary industry continues to improve, the development of color box products continue to move towards high-tech level. In this case, the color box packaging printing process of the two points of attention is even more critical.
1. Pre-press image processing technology is the basis of quality and key links
Pre-press image processing technology is the basis and key link of print reproduction quality. The monitor should be professional, the scanning of the original and the processing of the digital manuscript should be unified with the copy of the four basic standards of quality (gray balance, tone reproduction, color correction, sharpness enhancement) to guide the work, and through the experimental specifications of the four standard parameters The Scan the file is completed, to adjust the defective original work and art processing, so that the printing level is more abundant, to achieve better than the original effect. For remote printing business, remote digital proofing Profile management, to ensure that the two digital proofs consistent color.
2. color management
In general, a packaging printing business to do a good job of color management, the need for a standard ambient light source, high-quality color characteristics of the file generation software, advanced color management system, the standard measuring instruments and test tools, the standard color color target, Standard printing management, standard remote digital proofing color management, standard scan reduction, digital camera color management, standard display correction and screen soft proofing. In the specific implementation of color management process, should do the following aspects: carefully do all the printing process of the standardization, standardization, data production management, which is the application of ICC color management prerequisite and foundation.
Dekun printing box highly attached to the color box packaging printing process of attention, I believe that the times will promote the company's sustained and stable growth.
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