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Note the design of the color box printing

Contemporary color box prints in its unique way in the market economy occupies a world, in addition to quality, the appearance of color box prints has become a hot consumer concern, indeed, beautiful appearance can add a trace of the product under the impression, so The design of the box print is particularly important for the appearance of the product. How much do you know about the packaging design of the box?
1. If it is from the aesthetic point of view, the process is indispensable; box to put the logo, the relevant certificate, efficacy, role, and related information. And the box is external, to take into account the box of the squeeze problem, whether the hard to do hard, can withstand the squeeze in the delivery process.
two. Suggested material: 350g double copper paper, process: PVC, hot silver, (bronzing is also OK, but from the technology to consider, the best use of hot silver.), Neiduo can be used plastic or cardboard (cardboard plate to be plate).
three. In addition, color design is also an important part. Color design mainly from the following aspects: color tone color is the color configuration on the screen with the total tendency, the total mood, is a group of colors of the main colors, and in the full picture of the absolute advantage. Packaging requirements in the long-distance shelves from the instantaneous visual protrusion

Out to convey the goods information, which requires a strong sense of the overall tone to meet. Tone design requirements and products of the main functions of unity, such as gift packaging should use red, orange, etc., cold packaging is appropriate cold Color design requirements and the times, with different regions, different ethnic groups on the color of the reunification of unity, to be able to adapt to this

Changes in the trend, conform to the trend of the times, such as the Islamic parish people like green hanged yellow; Tibetan to white as the distinguished color and avoid light yellow, green; Manchu people love yellow, purple, red, blue and avoid using white and so on. Hue design should take full account of these traditional habits, in order to make the product is welcome, for export goods, packaging

Design can only respect the customs of other countries or other nationalities.
Color box print design is also an art, Dekun printing box is precisely its beautiful design to attract consumers from home and abroad of all ages.

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