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Daily packaging color box printing - cosmetics packaging

Is the so-called "beauty of the heart of all people, people rely on clothing Buddha by gold", and now cosmetic products in the cosmetics industry more and more fiery, so the cosmetics packaging industry has developed rapidly. Dekun printing in this can be described as shine, their products are legendary.
In the carton packaging industry, cosmetic packaging box is the most common color box printed matter, and many printing and packaging plant is the main source of business, as cosmetics carton packaging in recent years, rapid development, many of the original culture, books and printing-based printing The factory also transforms color box prints.
Cosmetic packaging box will face the direct beauty of consumers, a box design and printing production will affect the beauty of cosmetic products sales, so in the cosmetics packaging printing process is quite rigorous.
Usually cosmetic packaging box printing production process and materials:
1, material: cosmetics packaging materials generally with white cardboard, imported cattle card, gold and silver cards, just the old paper, special paper-based, paper grams: general gold and silver (325G, 375G) white cardboard (300- 400G), 350 grams for the most commonly used materials. Box holder: generally used 80-120G white E pit, beer pinhole line.
2, printing requirements: cosmetics box prints more general pattern for the four-color printing, gold and silver card general printing spot color, or reverse UV printing
3, the special process: cosmetics packaging boxes will generally be through a special process, such as (film, bronzing, convex, UV and other technology) or refractive
4, the structure: cosmetics box is generally buckle at the end box, automatic buckle bottom box, double opening.
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