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The development direction of color box printing

With the continuous improvement of innovation awareness, the direction of the development of color box printing more and more surface, Dekun color box printing is also more and more dimension.
1. Plastic bottle packaging - a variety of shapes, several major materials to do the lead. Plastic bottles are widely used in the field of daily use in the form of packaging, the majority of daily chemical products appear as liquid, liquid or paste, do not have a clear appearance. It must be through the exquisite, unique packaging design, in order to show its own special

Sex. The plastic bottle packaging is transparent, translucent and opaque points, can be a good show the characteristics of different properties of products, by the Japanese manufacturers favorite.
2. Carton - a wider range of applications, higher technical content. In many people's minds, cartons seem to be only as some of the soap, cosmetics and other products outside the packaging, in fact, with the packaging design concept constantly updated, with the continuous development of related technology, paper box printing The scope of application of the field also

In the ever-expanding. CTP technology, the use of special effects of pigments and inks, has played a huge role in improving the quality and grade of packaging for paper box prints.
3. Hose - shaped tube frequently debut, colorful packaging. Hoses are often known as some personal care products. Such as facial cleanser, skin care products and other products are mostly used in the form of hose packaging. And the hose is no longer completely round shape, and businesses have to change their own products used by the soft

The shape of the tube in order to avoid their own products in the homogeneous packaging was buried. Thus, the oval head hose, square head hose by some of the manufacturers in their respective products.
4. Glass - by high-end cosmetics love, still occupy an irreplaceable place. From the recent years, the trend of packaging trends, the share of glass packaging seems to decline, and resin materials used in the rapid development of cosmetics containers related to the competition from other materials for the use of glass materials in the day

In the case of packaging the impact of the situation is not small, especially PET materials in the transparency, barrier properties are excellent, to a certain extent, limit the development of glass packaging. However, we should also see that the glass packaging will not be completely replaced by plastic packaging.

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